Tuesday, February 10, 2009

100 goals

100 goals to accomplish before my 30th birthday (in no particular order):
  1. Buy a home.
  2. Paint the interior of our home something other than white.
  3. Update our home to fit our personality.
  4. Continue to blog.
  5. Visit each of the following European countries -
  6. Ireland (see here, here, here, & here)
  7. France
  8. Spain
  9. Italy (see here, here, here, & here)
  10. Greece (see here, here, here, here, & here)
  11. Switzerland
  12. Visit Mayan ruins.
  13. Marry James.
  14. Host a fun, unique wedding.
  15. Go on a vacation with my sister(s).
  16. Do more to reduce my strain on the environment by drying more clothes outside on the clothesline,
  17. Using cloth diapers on my children, and
  18. Riding my bike to run errands.
  19. Get back to my weight in high school, and stay there.
  20. Maintain an honest and loving relationship with James.
  21. Continue to exercise at least 3 times weekly.
  22. Get my weird foot thing corrected before it gets worse.
  23. Take a road trip through the Pacific Northwest; visit
  24. Portland,
  25. Seattle, and
  26. Vancouver.
  27. Host a party.
  28. Have a child.
  29. Have a second child.
  30. Volunteer my time with a nonprofit.
  31. See The Lion King live.
  32. Buy a new car.
  33. Maintain a near-perfect credit rating.
  34. Get promoted to Assistant Account Executive.
  35. Have my back problems corrected.
  36. Pay off my student loans.
  37. Go snowboarding.
  38. Be involved in the fight for gay marriage equality.
  39. Teach my child(ren) Spanish.
  40. Fly in a hot air balloon.
  41. Go to my high school reunion.
  42. Read books.
  43. Breastfeed my babies.
  44. Keep my personal files organized.
  45. Use coupons at the grocery store.
  46. Watch every single episode of LOST.
  47. Be more patient.
  48. Do crafts.
  49. Paint a painting that I like enough to hang in my home.
  50. Design a web site for my dad's business.
  51. Take a winter vacation to a snowy locale.
  52. Buy flowers at the farmers' market.
  53. Eat fruits and vegetables every day.
  54. Watch the AMGEN Tour of California Bike Race.
  55. Go to a San Francisco Giants game.
  56. Go to a Sacramento Kings game.
  57. Go to a Sacramento Rivercats game.
  58. Host Thanksgiving at my house.
  59. Have my whole family over for dinner.
  60. Hang out with my cousins.
  61. Go to Yosemite.
  62. Have a girls day with my mother in law.
  63. Go to Disneyland California Adventure.
  64. Go hiking.
  65. Swim in the ocean.
  66. Swim in a pool.
  67. Buy a bike rack for my car.
  68. Take our bikes on a vacation.
  69. Get a massage with my mom.
  70. Go on a vacation with my family.
  71. Watch fireworks at New Year's.
  72. Get a pretty headboard for our bed.
  73. Go dancing with my sister.
  74. Celebrate with James when he passes the PTA Exam.
  75. Have my brother and his girlfriend over for dinner.
  76. Go to the Elk Grove Giant Pumpkin & Harvest Festival.
  77. Go salsa dancing.
  78. Go for a run on the beach.
  79. Buy a really nice suit.
  80. Take a zumba class at the gym.
  81. Take a hip hop class at the gym.
  82. Eat at The Melting Pot.
  83. Eat at Benihana.
  84. Have Michelle and Adam over for dinner.
  85. Spend a day with James' neices.
  86. Spend a day with James' sister.
  87. Pick wildflowers.
  88. Go hiking with my dad.
  89. Visit New York City.
  90. Get more than 1 blog follower.
  91. Buy a nice camera.
  92. Braid cornrows in someone’s hair.
  93. Buy nice curtains for our house.
  94. Go to the movies with James.
  95. Meet James’ extended family.
  96. Go see The Undulations play live.
  97. Go to Music in the Park.
  98. Make new friends.
  99. Always drive safely.
  100. Finish this list.
So there it is… I have over 7 years to accomplish these goals. I think I can do it! These are all things that (a) I’ve never done before, or (b) I want to do again before I'm 30.

The goal accomplishing starts today, so even if I’ve done something (like to go a Giants game), I can’t cross it off my list until I do it again.

I’ll try to blog about each of my goals as I complete them.


Kayla said...

well char, i would love to help you accomplish #92 :D LOL

am258 said...

# 35 have your back problems corrected..

have you ever been to a podiatrist? simply things like getting your feet checked might help your back problems. You may need orthotics- if your feet need help it effects your knees, hips and back as well.

hope this helps