Sunday, June 20, 2010

Europe Day 3: Dublin, Ireland

We ate breakfast at the hostel on day 3 & went to the bank and mall to get Rose new shoes. Exciting, I know!

Then we took the Luas light rail to Kilmainham Gaol (jail). It's an old prison built in 1796, & we took a tour & learned all about its history. The photo below is the newer part of the gaol... the older part had really horrible conditions. The cells were basically bare rooms made of stone - very cold & damp.

We also had lunch at a cafe, then took a 2.5 hour bus ride to Belfast, Northern Ireland. It's actually a part of the United Kingdom, so I can say I've been to 1 more country :) However, they don't even check your passport or have you check in anywhere when going between the two countries. The biggest difference between them is that Northern Ireland  uses Pounds & Ireland uses Euro.

Our hostel in Belfast gave us a private room! After our previous 20-bed set-up, we joked that this was so luxurious! In reality, the room consisted of a bunk bed, chair, sink and mirror. We had a shared bathroom across the hall.

We went to eat dinner at a pub down the street & got some delicious fish & chips, beer, & got to listen to more live Irish music. Sorry I didn't take many pictures on day 3. Day 4 will make up for that, plus some!


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Rose said...

nice sarcasm about running my errands! haha