Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Europe Day 9: Athens, Greece

We took a short train ride to Plaka, the cute touristy area of Athens next to the Acropolis, where we had the most amazing brunch ever!

spinach cheese pie (my fave):

stuffed potatoes:

mixed omelet:

chicken souvlaki:

We split all of it! :)

Then we headed over to the amazing Acropolis. Admission was free that day! We walked up the trail, which was a lot easier than it looks. Okay, well it doesn't look that bad in this picture but it really is on top of a small mountain!


View of Athens from the Acropolis:

Temple of Olympian Zeus from the Acropolis
(we walked down to it later):

We did a bit of shopping and people watching, went back to the hotel and rested, then headed back to Plaka for dinner. NOT as good as brunch, that's for sure! I can confidently report that I've tasted the most disgusting, plastic-y tasting pork chop ever made.

I'm not sure what I expected of Athens, but it was not what I expected. It was better!

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