Friday, August 20, 2010

Europe Day 12: Santorini, Greece

Sam went back to Athens early because she was sick and what we were about to do on day 12 was a horrible thing to do while sick! I started to feel sick the previous night as well, and this day I had a really bad sore throat and all-around exhaustion.

We had to check out of our hotel during the day, but our ferry back to Athens didn't leave until midnight. Luckily the hotel let us leave all our luggage there while we killed time in Santorini all day.

We hung out by the pool through lunchtime, and the hotel staff graciously let us eat lunch there even though we had technically already checked out.

Then, we took the bus to Fira. We found the beautiful side of the city that we didn't know about previously. So pretty!

We essentially sat on benches, walked around and talked for hours and hours. I was feeling really bad. Later in the afternoon we bussed to Oia to watch the sunset again.

We walked around the other side that we didn't see the previous day and ate dinner at a restaurant with a great view.

We watched another beautiful sunset.

After sunset, we took the bus back to Kamari (after a switch in Fira) to get our luggage then head down to the port. That late at night they don't go to all the stops... before they stopped right in front of our hotel but this time they dropped us far away and told us how to get there.

It was far! And it was completely dark. So even if we recognized our surroundings from previous days, it looked so different at nighttime. Somehow we found the hotel. I really don't know how!

We took a taxi to the port and waited there until our ferry came at midnight. Then we tried our best to get a night of sleep on board, in our airplane-like seats.

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