Monday, July 26, 2010

Europe Day 8: Ostia Antica, Italia

Ostia Antica is an ancient city outside of Rome that was abandoned about 1600 years ago. In the 2nd and 3rd centuries, it was a major port town that served as an entrance to Rome. However, sea level dropped and the sea was no longer adjacent to Ostia Antica, causing it to be irrelevant and its residents to relocate.

It's now an amazing archaeological site. The town is still intact and you're able to see how people lived. You can go inside buildings and explore, which we did all day long!


After spending several hours at Ostia Antica, we took the train back to Rome and had an early dinner (our last in Italia, *tear*) before taking another train to the airport. I was really craving a Diet Pepsi (which they call something else, "Pepsi Light" or something...) but it was actually more expensive than wine... crazy right?! So obviously we had to get wine!

We waited around at the Rome airport for a few hours, then boarded our flight to Athens! We flew Aegean Air, which is the nicest airline I had ever been on, hands down. Arrived in Athens close to midnight, took a taxi to our hotel (Diros Hotel, don't recommend it at all), then slept!

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That's amazing! What a fabulous trip!