Thursday, December 13, 2012

Leia at 4 months

It's so much fun watching our girl's personality emerge. She's super smiley and cheerful for the few of us she knows and loves, but very serious for strangers. She's always studying the world and taking everything in.
Size: 13 pounds, 8 ounces (33rd percentile) and 2 feet long (37th percentile). Clothing size 3-6 months.
Favorite things: Hearing interesting sounds like running water and plastic bags crinkling (a nice crunchy chip bag is her fave), standing up, putting her hands (and everything else she can get her hands on) in her mouth. Baby yoga, which a friend taught me to do with her and we do it every day. Going new places. Looking out the window. Blowing raspberries. She's liking tummy time a lot more too. She loves sitting in the Bumbo chair. Favorite people include Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Aunt Rose.

Least favorite things: The lint roller! Poor baby - it makes a high pitched squeaky noise that seems to terrify her. I also made a "rattle" by putting dry rice in an empty water bottle, and that's a little scary too (it's really loud). She hates driving about half the time.

Milestones: Leia officially knows how to use her hands - she started reaching for toys just before 16 weeks old. She's been sucking on her hands basically since birth, but it seems like she's now more aware of what her hands can do.

She's on her way to sitting up - she mostly falls over a second after we let go, but we're getting there.
We're working on napping alone. She's always nursed to sleep and then stayed on mommy for her nap. The minute I put her down, she wakes up. It's tough. I've been nursing her to sleep in bed, then slipping away. I can sometimes get a half hour of alone time this way.

Cutest habits: Smiling, laughing and squealing. Big observant eyes. Baby talking. Leia usually smiles when I kiss her... I don't know if it tickles, it's a funny sound or if she knows it's mommy saying "I love you," but oh do I love it!

Firsts: First election, Thanksgiving, Tacky Holiday Sweater Party, first attempts at sitting up.

Leia and her friend Velen in their tacky sweaters
Talents: Assisted standing, tummy time, blowing raspberries and spit bubbles, being a great, well-behaved baby out in public.