Saturday, April 28, 2012


There's not a lot to recap about this trip to Pismo Beach - there was a lot of walking, beaching and relaxing to be had. It was a nice little getaway and I'm glad we did something fun and new together before we become a family of three.

Pismo Beach

Morro Bay

We also drove up to Hearst Castle, which was cool. We took the "Grand Rooms" tour, and I wish they weren't $25 each because it would have been great to take another tour of different parts of the estate.

On the way out we got to see the wild zebras on the property!

Friday, April 27, 2012

27 weeks

I'm in my third trimester now!! Wow, I can't believe we're 3 months away from meeting our little peanut. I don't feel 6 months pregnant... but in some pictures I really look it! Yesterday we returned from our 5-day babymoon in Pismo Beach. I'll share photos from that in a separate post.

Size of baby: Cauliflower
Sleep: I woke up often on vacation and didn't sleep very soundly.

Movement: James finally felt it! 4/21/12 (26 weeks, 2 days), finally! That same day I was able to see my belly move too! Since then, we've been able to see and feel baby from the outside often. He's moving so much in there - all day, every day!

Feeling: Pretty good! Feet swelling is really bad unless I walk all day long (I discovered that on vacation - the days I walked on the beach for hours, my feet did great!). Standing doesn't work... it must be brisk walking for hours at a time.

What I miss: Taking cute pictures... I feel so fat in practically every one! Again, love the belly... hate the arms/legs/face.

What I'm looking forward to: Baby care classes and hospital tour.

Best moment this week: Walking on the beach with my husband.

Worst moment this week: Being a stereotypically emotional pregnant lady.

Milestones: Third tri! He's now practicing inhaling and exhaling with amniotic fluid. Baby's now showing brain activity and his brain will keep on getting more complex (I'm surprised brain activity wasn't going on long ago).

Cravings: I really wanted something different this whole week - I'm soooo tired of the same old pizza, pasta, burgers... bleh. Yesterday we had Middle Eastern/Mediterranean food and I'm all about that!

Food aversions: Nothing.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

26 weeks

I kind of feel like I've looked the same for the past month... I guess that's okay. Someday soon I'll feel like a whale so I like this size. This picture was taken at 25 weeks, 5 days pregnant - exactly 100 days before my due date!

This (non-maternity) shirt is getting tight! The only reason I can still wear it is because I put a long maternity tank underneath. Otherwise it's too short.
Crazy realization... today my stomach was growling, and I realized that the sound was coming from a place that my stomach has never been before - way higher under my boobs! I know that your organs shift around to make room for baby, but it was just so weird to be aware of it all the sudden.

Size of baby: A head of lettuce
Sleep: Fine.

Movement: Aunt Victoria was the first person to feel it from the outside!! We were at her house when baby got the hiccups (25 weeks, 3 days pregnant), and she was able to feel it. I'm really hoping that James can feel it very soon!

The hiccup incident also confirmed (in my mind) that baby is still in breech position. Kicks (feet) are mostly down low, and the hiccups (face) were up high. I don't think that's a concern until July though - there's plenty of time to move around.

I do think the fact that kicks are almost always way down low is making it difficult to feel from the outside though!

Feeling: Great :) When I go for an extra long walk (more than an hour) I feel really tired and get sciatic pain. Actually today I volunteered for 4 hours and I'm now feeling really exhausted from that!

What I miss: Sleeping all night without having to take bathroom breaks.

What I'm looking forward to: Babymoon! Beach! Hearst Castle!

image source
Best moment this week: Going to my brother and SIL's house in Santa Rosa, and also going out to dinner with some girlfriends.

Worst moment this week: Having to pay taxes. Lame lame lame!

Milestones: Eyes are forming, and his eyes will soon start to open. The eyelashes are already formed. He's getting his immune system ready for life on the outside by soaking up my antibodies, as well as taking breaths of amniotic fluid.

Cravings: Sweeeets

Food aversions: Nothing. I even like chicken again.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

DIY mobile

A while back I was noticing how expensive mobiles are - both the store bought electronic and more old-fashioned varieties. I found a few I loved on Etsy but no way am I shelling out $90 for them! So they became my inspiration.

From DropsOfColorShop on Etsy
From HingMade on Etsy
Here's mine

(all purchased at Joann)
  1. Two embroidery circles [$2.78 for both]
  2. Yarn [$2.79]
  3. Fishing line (or string of this sort) [$1.11]
  4. Needle and thread [$4.28 because I got a set of several needles]
  5. Felt [$.34 x 7 = $2.38 for 7 different colors]
  6. Cotton balls [$1.30]
For the rings
Take yarn and wrap it around the embroidery circles.

For the creatures
Rather than freehand the shapes, I Googled for images of "cartoon fish" and the like (My mobile has 2 fish, a dolphin, a turtle, an octopus, a shell and a starfish).

Then I printed the images, cut them out, and traced them onto my felt pieces with permanent marker. Each shape has to be done twice for the front and the back.

Once I had my felt shapes cut out, I sewed around the outside and stuffed them with cotton balls. Part of me wanted to put button eyes on my creatures - and I know it would be adorable - but the choking hazard just isn't worth it!

To hang it
Everything is tied together with string - I found something that was clear/invisible in Joann's jewelry section. This was the hardest part. It was really difficult to get the rings hanging evenly! They're not perfect, but F it. I can't do any better and I think it works!

I think this mobile is adorable hung over the crib in our ocean-themed nursery. Total cost was around $15, and that included buying new needles and thread because I was low.

Friday, April 13, 2012

25 weeks

Size of baby: Mommy's little eggplant.
Sleep: I've had some trouble getting and staying asleep this week. I can't seem to get comfortable and I wake up frequently, even if I don't have to pee.

Movement: Every day. I love it so! It doesn't hurt or make me uncomfortable at all, but I can see how it might in a few months.

Baby moves most in the afternoon and evening, and I'm starting to wonder if it's because of my schedule - I talk more after 5 p.m. when hubby gets home. I know baby can hear me, and I wonder if I wake him up when I become all chatty telling daddy about my day?

Still waiting for daddy (or anyone) to feel it from the outside... usually when James or I put my hand on my belly he stops kicking. However, earlier this week baby kicked right on his hand several times. But he couldn't feel it anyway!

Feeling: Good, but I have to laugh at myself when I find it necessary to grunt to get off the couch, bed or out of/into the car. Ha. I feel great, though, aside from feeling 6 months pregnant :)

What I miss: The prospect of losing weight. Definitely not a possibility now - I know I'm going to get much bigger from here! I love my belly, but I'm not in love with my stretch marks and plump face.

What I'm looking forward to: Babymoon, continuing Bradley classes, hospital classes (labor and delivery tour, breastfeeding, infant care), baby shower.

Best moment this week: Hanging out with my fam!

Worst moment this week: I'm realizing that my arms and legs seem fatter. And they were not thin before, so boo.

Milestones: He has a new sense of equilibrium - baby now knows which way is up and which is down. He's growing more fat and more hair too.

Cravings: Easter sweets make me crave more Easter sweets. Vicious Delicious cycle.

Food aversions: Nothing really, though I don't love the idea of meat.

Friday, April 6, 2012

24 weeks

Last night was our first Bradley birth class (a 12-week series). It was really cool! We both enjoyed it, and hubby said he's already learned a lot.

At my midwife appointment on Monday, she measured the size of my uterus for the first time. It was measuring a little large - the size of a 26 week belly.

Size of baby: The size of a grapefruit.
Sleep: Good! Love it!

Movement: Every day! I think baby might have had the hiccups the other night! I've heard it feels like little movements every few seconds at a rhythm... and that's what I felt. Cute.

Feeling: I'm getting to that point where it's hard to get off the couch! So I'll say I'm feeling... pretty pregnant. Symptoms: Swollen feet, round ligament pain when I turn over at night sometimes (I was getting it when I stood up too fast, and I finally learned to always stand up s.l.o.w.l.y.), sciatic pain after long walks. Actually, all-around full-body exhaustion after long walks.

What I miss: Hubs and I went for a 90 minute river walk on Sunday... maybe 4 miles but I'm not sure... and for the rest of the day I was so. effing. tired. I couldn't do anything but lounge! So, what I miss is going on those long walks and still having energy to do anything else!

What I'm looking forward to: Family time - we have some stuff planned for here in Sacramento this weekend, and next weekend we're visiting my brother and sister-in-law in Santa Rosa. I'm also looking forward to continuing our Bradley course.

Best moment this week: Witnessing 2 of our best friends tie the knot.

Worst moment this week: I felt pretty crappy all day Wednesday with a tummyache and headache.

Milestones: Our first childbirth class. 24 weeks is also the point of viability, which means if I went into premature labor baby would have a chance a surviving in the outside world. But keep baking, little one! We're not ready for you yet.

Cravings: Sweets. I made carrot cake for my sister's (late) birthday last weekend. With homemade cream cheese frosting. OMG so good. I brought some leftovers home and the father of my child proceeds to eat 2 big pieces and leave my a tiny one. This mama was irrationally pissed! LOL.

Food aversions: Eggs. I want to have a nice protein-y breakfast, but all that sounds good in the a.m. is toast and sometimes cereal.