Sunday, March 8, 2009

Goal #38: Be involved in the fight for gay marriage equality

Last week Rose and I attended March Forth on March Fourth.

Being involved in this movement was one of my 100 goals.This is the second rally I've attended. Of course, I'm not done being involved in the fight for gay marriage equality. I won't be done until the right to marry is granted to all citizens in every state.

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It's important to me to attend events like this because it personifies how important this issue is, and to how many people. A lot of people have said "Give it up, Prop. 8 passed. It's over." No, it's not over. This is not just a one time issue. Prop. 8 passed, but that was far from the end of this fight.

We can't just give up - this is so much more than any other law or vote. Rights were stolen from thousands of people. Basic human rights that everyone should have access to. It's a right that prisoners have, but gays do not. It's a civil rights outrage.

I continue to support this issue because human decency demands that all Americans be granted equal rights. Attending rallies is important to me because every person who is there shows the public that we care. Thousands of people care and will continue to rally for equality. I am just one person, but my presence at civil rights rallies makes the crowd that much more commanding. We are showing the world that we will not give up until they recognize equal rights.

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