Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Goal #94: Go to the movies with James

We rarely go to the movies. I already knew this, but realized even more when I saw that I wrote this list in February and haven’t seen a movie with James since then. Weird.

Last night we went on a nice little date. First Chicago Fire. Yes, again… I can’t get enough of that heavenly restaurant. Then we went to see Transformers, which we both knew I would hate, but I went for James. I found it extremely boring.

I recently realized that we have a lot of fun things coming up, and that’s exciting!

  • 4th of July – don’t know what our plans are, but it’s at least a 3-day weekend!
  • The week after that – our 3 year anniversary!
  • The next weekend – James’ 30th birthday! We’re going to San Francisco for the weekend and going to a Giants game.
  • August – weeklong vacation to Seattle! I’ve been waiting for this for a long, long time.
  • Sometime in July/August – Yosemite with Rose.

What a great summer. I can’t believe it’s almost July already!

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