Friday, February 6, 2009


I love kickboxing! I started a little over two years ago when I first joined my gym, and when I was in college I went one or two times every week. It’s hard work, but is really fun. When I first started, it was intimidating learning all the moves, but it didn’t take long until I knew what I was doing (usually).

Last summer I started my current job, and my 8:30 – 5:30 schedule had, for the most part, prevented me from attending kickboxing classes. A few weeks ago I decided to change my schedule to 8 – 5. This allows me to get to class every Tuesday and Thursday right after work.

It’s good to be back! It’s such a great work out. I’m convinced that I burn a lot more calories than using the treadmill or elliptical, since I don’t have the motivation to use those for a whole 50 minutes; I get bored.

I’ve also tried cycling and step aerobics classes. They’re good too, but kickboxing is still my favorite. I’m interested in giving zumba a try, and they even have a hip hop class that I’d like to try but I’m a little scared of.

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