Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Europe Day 10: Santorini, Greece

To get to the Greek islands, you can either take a huge ferry or a small plane. We were planning to fly (45 minutes), but waited too long and prices went up... so 8 hour ferry it was for us!

It left around 6 a.m. and made two stops at other islands before we arrived in Santorini (on the way back it was only 5 hours because there were no additional stops). I meant to remember the names of these islands we stopped at, but I didn't! Here's the view from the ferry, though:

Buses leave from the port to the city every time a ferry comes in, which is about twice a day. That's the only time. You can't walk because the port is in the middle of nowhere, at the bottom of a very long, steep and windy road.

Well, we missed the bus and had to pay some guy 20 Euro to take us to our hotel! It actually worked out well, we didn't have to figure out a bus system in another language, and we got dropped off right in front of the hotel. It was an adventure though.

We stayed at Hotel Makarios, an all-inclusive resort in Kamari.

Our room:

Views from our balcony:

Our pool:

It was great to have an all-inclusive, especially because that inlcuded beer, white wine and a Greek liquor called ouzo (ooo-zoh). We enjoyed that! Also included were all three meals and grilled cheese sandwiches (they call it toast) and ice cream between meals. However, while free food was nice, it wasn't very good! Only a small selection of the food offered at the buffet was actually appetizing.

On the day we arrived in Santorini, we walked to the tiny town of Kamari to buy bottled water. You can't drink tap water on the islands because it's desalinated.

We hung out by the pool for the afternoon, and in the evening decided to go out in Fira, the main city. We took a taxi and found a bar but the nightlife wasn't exactly great... lots of smoke and bad music.

Took a taxi back to the hotel after getting some delicious snacks at a bakery!

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