Saturday, August 21, 2010

Santa Cruz weekend... last one before the wedding!

We drove to Santa Cruz this weekend for the last time before the wedding. On Friday we both worked half days so that we could make it there by late afternoon.

First Appointment: Meeting with our reception coordinator and day of coordinator at our reception site. Both ladies were super nice, and we made some decisions that made me so excited for our big day! Our wedding day is going to rock!!

After that meeting we checked into our hotel, the Quality Inn, which was really nice! We'll probably stay there in the future. It's about half a mile to downtown, so we walked to dinner to avoid parking.

Dinner was at Kianti's, which is the restaurant that's catering our rehearsal dinner. We're having pizza and lasagna, so that's what we ordered and OMG yummm! Especially the lasagna. Love. It.

We went this weekend to listen to the band playing at the restaurant where our reception is. One of the great things about having our reception there is that they have a live band every Saturday. It's in the bar, which is right next to our private patio. Basically we have free entertainment, which is great! The bad thing is that we can't control who is playing, but we're carefree people and had faith that they wouldn't book crappy bands.

So last night the band that's playing on our wedding day was there. After our dinner we drove back there, had a few drinks and listened to the band. They had cool blues-type music that was fun.

I'll be honest - last time we went in March, that other band was a lot more fun and better for dancing. But our band is good and everything will be fine!

Here goes my first blog video. Tell me: Would you dance to this? Maybe if you had some free booze?? It's okay if nobody does, as long as they're having fun!

That was last night. This morning, we met with our bakery about our wedding cake. We got to taste the flavors and decided on princess torte: sponge cake, whipped cream and raspberry filling.

Then we went to check out locations to take pictures before our ceremony. We decided that the beach right next to our ceremony site is perfect and super convenient. And freaking beautiful. So I'm really excited to be there with our amazing photographer!

It was overcast in the morning, but sunny in the afternoon.

Then we headed home! We're super tired! I love getting home Saturday, so I still have Sunday to have a normal weekend.

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