Sunday, August 8, 2010

My bridal shower

Yesterday was my bridal shower! It was great, I feel so loved and lucky to have wonderful friends and family in my life. The shower was held at my sister Samantha's house, and planned by her, my sister Rose and my mom. They did such a fantastic job! The napkins:

One of the best surprises? Penis accessories! Hahaha!! These cookies look so good I thought they used a cookie cutter. But nope, my maid of honor is just a really good penis cookie maker!

Maid of Honor Rose showing off her creation, and you can see the delicious food too.

And you can't see here, but this drink stirrer (for the yummy mimosas) has a penis on it. How hilarious is it that my mom and sister went to a sex shop together to buy these?! Love it!!

Sam won the "Who knows most about the bride" game. I got about half of the "How well does the bride know the groom" questions right, but I was really close on most of them! James' answers were really sweet, with lots of funny details! And of course they did the TP dress game.

There were about 10 ladies there plus one baby boy. Since it was such a small group, I got to get a picture with everyone! And I look the same in every picture...

Mom & Grandma:


Friend since freshman year of college, Michelle:


Friend since first grade, Mandy:

Mother in law, Rita:

Grandma, baby Charles & Aunt Julie:

Cousin Sarah:

I got several things from our registry plus lots of honeymoon attire. Here are just a few of the gifts...

"Kiss the Bride"

A huge thank you to everyone who joined us!!


Rebekah said...

How fun! It looks like you had such a fun time. I know at my showers, it was kind of overwhelming just because I wasn't used to being given things like that. It really makes you feel loved!

Lauren said...


am258 said...

aw im so sad i missed your party :( all your pictures look so good :)

im glad you had great party :)

Ms. Emily Ann said...

Oh how fun! And that's too funny about your sister and mom in the sex shop! I don't think my sister and mom could even survive that experience with one another! Your sis definitely has unique cooking making skills!

Looks like a fantastic shower! :)

stevenjared0853 said...

Just impressive to know about your bridal shower. Gratitude for sharing photos. My sister will get married at destination NYC wedding venues so I want to host a travel themed wedding shower for the couple. I hope I would find some nice décor ideas for this bash.