Friday, January 27, 2012

8 weeks

(Originally written on December 14, 2011)

Week 7-8 felt pretty good! The cramps have subsided, woo hoo! The morning sickness stayed away for the most part - thanks to making myself eat a good breakfast (not just saltine crackers) as soon as I wake up.

In bump news, there's a little pooch on my lower abdomen that can no longer be sucked in like a few weeks ago! It's most noticeable to me without clothes on so you may not be able to tell in this picture. Even hubby says it looks the same in real life but I see a little bit of a difference!

Gender: Don't know

Size of baby: The size of a raspberry
Sleep: Pretty good. Still side sleeping and I'm getting used to it. Hubby's snoring is a major disturbance though!

Movement: Nope

Feeling: Well... I feel pregnant! Growing belly, exhausted from things like Christmas shopping, constantly hungry. Yep, definitely feel pregnant :) P.S. I love it!!

What I miss: Champagne and food tasting good.

What I'm looking forward to: Cooking daily again and eating good foods.

Best moment this week: It was a quiet week. Seeing a tiny bump emerge is fun (though it's really bloat at this point).

Worst moment this week: Being constantly hungry but hating all food. I need to eat because I feel nauseous if I don't, but finding something I can stomach is quite the feat.

Milestones: I don't wear a belt with my jeans anymore. Baby is growing about a millimeter every day and moving its arms, legs, fingers and toes!

Cravings: Pizza, especially with pepperoni. That's what I thought until I had some... not that great :( I am liking fruity/sweet stuff - gummy candy, smoothies, popcicles.

Food aversions: Most food, especially meat. Poor hubby, I haven't cooked in so long! I just can't :(

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