Friday, January 27, 2012

12 weeks

(Originally written on January 12, 2012)

Second trimester is right around the corner! And with the exception of one crappy nauseous-all-day day, it feels like my symptoms are letting up. As long as I keep enough food in my belly I feel pretty good. Okay I take all that back. The last two days of the week sucked! I felt so crappy and nauseous.

Gender: No clue. Well I've leaned toward boy all along, but only slightly.

Size of baby: The size of a plum

Sleep: Uncomfortable! And it's making my back, hips and shoulders hurt during the day. I tried laying on my belly and it felt like all my organs were being smushed. So it's side only, for many more months. I have ordered my Snoogle though (FYI the cheapest I found it was at

Movement: No

Feeling: So lucky to be able to be a momma!! I've said to J so many times, "Can you believe that we succeeded in creating a person?!" It's just so darn fantastic! Oh here's a new feeling - pretty sure I've had a few instances of round ligament pain even though I've read that's not until 2nd tri.

What I miss: Loving food... and beer sounds kind of yummy.

What I'm looking forward to: Having a cute bump and filling out cute maternity clothes. I bought 1 shirt at Target and a pair of jeans at Kohls. Oh so much better than real jeans! I also bought some baby clothes while I was out :) They were all on clearance.

"Wishes do come true"

"I have a play date!" Not completely gender neutral, but come on! I have a play date!! So adorable.

Thanksgiving pants. Turkey on the butt and the feet say "Gobble!"

Trio of ducky onesies
Best moment this week: Playing Trivial Pursuit with my family. Pregnancy-related... sharing this with my hubby, and seeing him talk to my belly every day :) (No deep conversations, just "hi baby!" when he gets home from work)

Worst moment this week: Nearly puking.

Milestones: Buying my first maternity clothes.

As you move into the second trimester, baby shifts into the growth and maturation stage. After weeks in the critical development stage, almost all of baby's systems are fully formed. (from

Cravings: Nothin.

Food aversions: Chicken. OMG, poor hubby. I asked for a BBQ beef sandwich from Beach Hut Deli and he came home with BBQ chicken. So gross! I was nice, but could pretty much only eat the bread.

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