Sunday, November 22, 2009

New furniture

A few weeks ago James and I purchased a new coffee table. Our old one from Ikea wasn’t looking so hot. $30 Ikea coffee tables will only last so long!

We shopped around at some “real” furniture stores, but quickly decided that they were way out of our price range! Not to mention, those huge tables would have looked out of place in our small living room.

We ended up purchasing the Avington coffee table from Target.

It looks really nice. The only problem? Now I really want to buy the matching TV stand! The nice table makes our old (very old) one look quite ugly.

I also never blogged about our new couch! This one was free though :) Rose gave it to us before she moved to Ireland (thanks!), and it's a lot nicer than the old one.

We listed the old one for free on Craigslist. I was happy to be able to help someone out with furnishing thier house :)


Rose said...

Your living room looks so cute with that coffee table and couch!! Love the Christmas decorations too! :)

alex said...

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