Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Kindness and generosity

My mom sent me this email last weekend. I love my parents! They are so generous and always helping people. This is a totally normal thing for my mom to do:

The weirdest thing happened today after a lovely day of breakfast in Chico, a quick lunch at home, then a nice drive to the mountains… a man we don't know knocked and asked for donations because his 70 year old neighbor's trailer house burned down. They're from McLane Street [a really poor part of their town]. All I gave him was a $5, a sweatshirt, and a bag of pistachios. He said a lot of other people were rude to him!

We asked for his name, and wrote down his address. After he left we felt bad and filled 3 grocery bags of food, as well as a blanket and a few more clothes and delivered them, but no one was home (we left it all on top of a truck... and as we left saw them returning home).

I feel so guilty… he lives in a dumpy little tiny trailer while we live in a castle that he saw briefly while I dug for a sweatshirt... and all I could give him was $5!! To add to it I noticed that he had a teenage girl and boy in the backseat who looked embarrassed to have to go along. And I think they are probably his grand children that he is raising in that tiny trailer... he is poor but wants to help his poorer neighbor. Isn’t that sweet!

I'm going to see what our Church people can contribute. They're best when asked for specific items, bedding, bowls or whatever.

I really think this is above and beyond what most people would ever do for a stranger. Thank you Mom and Dad! The last update my mom gave me, a friend had offered a set of pots and pans, blankets and towels. The people at her church are so kind and constantly helping people in their community.

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