Friday, November 6, 2009

More wedding appointments

Next weekend we're headed to Santa Cruz once again to take care of some exciting (to me) wedding-related tasks.

We're meeting with an officiant - I realized I better take care of that since that's the one thing you actually 100% need to get married! I really like her from talking on the phone. She seems cool and like we'll get along great, which I think is important. I want her to genuinely be able to say something nice about us at our wedding ceremony, and have a personal connection.

I also tried to meet with another woman who I thought I liked, but she must not want our business. After some phone tag and emails back and forth, I said "Let's meet Saturday at 9 a.m. What's a good location to meet?" No response... ever... kind of unprofessional.

James and I agreed that our ceremony will be secular (like us) and our officiant must be willing to perform same-sex ceremonies. I know to some people it seems silly since we're not a same-sex couple, but it's a very important matter of principle to both of us. We don't want to give our money or trust our ceremony to someone who does not believe in equal rights as we do. Finding an officiant who met these requirements wasn't hard at all.

And, since we're in town, we also made some cake tasting appointments (free cake!). I'm bringing these photos to give them an idea of what we want:


We'll also visit our ceremony site to scope out some details like parking (while enjoying the view). Have you seen the view? So excited that we're getting married here!

We'll also eat lunch at our reception site most likely. It should be a fun, busy Saturday!

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Rose said...

these wedding posts are the best!! you didn't show me all of those cakes, they're gorgeous/look delicious!