Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cakes and Officiants

This morning we got up bright and early and left our house at 6:15 for a day of wedding appointments.

Appointment #1: Wedding officiant A. The one I mentioned before who was flaky. I decided to give her another chance - I was worried that she had emailed or called and I somehow missed it, making me the rude one. That was not the case, she just didn’t get back to me. But since we were heading over we met with her anyway. We didn't love her... she didn't really ask any questions or try to get to know us. That, combined with her unresponsiveness, made us take a pass on her.

Appointment #2: Bakery A. Fine cake, fine price. Were not blown away by the deliciousness, but it would have been acceptable.

Appointment #3: Wedding officiant B. Serious clash of personalities here! We have completely different visions of our wedding ceremony and I really didn't like her. She really wanted us to do a "ritual," like a wine ceremony or sand ceremony. If you Google those terms you'll find out what they are. We just don't find them necessary or meaningful. She is also a professional singer and wanted to sing a song at our ceremony. Sorry, but that's cheesy to us!! She said that if we only have instrumental music it's not as special because "the words tell a story." Gag. The way she went about saying all these things made me feel personally criticized for not wanting them. She didn't just suggest - I felt that she implied that our ceremony would suck if we didn't do those stupid details. Big fat NO to her!

Appointment #4: Bakery B. Tried a vanilla cake with raspberry filling that was moist and ten times better than the first bakery! The taste convinced us to go with this one. It will be a little more expensive - maybe about $30ish more - but we're pretty sure we're going to go with this place.

Our last stop was the funnest by far! We went to our ceremony site - a public park-like area overlooking the ocean - to survey parking and exactly where we'll place everything. It was probably the funnest task so far. James was SO helpful and had great ideas! His ideas of how and where we'll walk into the ceremony were much better than mine. Love him!!

We'll say our vows right about where these people are standing. Our guests will have a view of the whole Monterey Bay and the mountains on the other side.

Here's us, standing in exact spot that we'll get married in ten months!

And here's us by the beach :)


Rose said...

good thing you are planning so early so that you don't have to feel pressured to hire a sucky officiant! that raspberry cake sounds delish!! and were you waiting until those people walked to the perfect spot to take the picture?! haha :)

MCW said...

I completely agree about the singing minister and the weird ceremonies! Good to you for holding your ground!

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

Wowza! Some officiants just don't get that it's supposed to be all about what the couple wants. I wish we served the Sacramento area--you'd love my staff officiants. Alas, we're only in the Bay Area. keep searching though--you'll find the best fit!

Lyssabeth's Wedding Officiants said...

Oh my! Just looked at your photos and see that you are getting married near Monterey. At the risk of sounding spammy (which I never do, but I happened onto your post and your experiences with officiants were so weird that I HAD to comment) you must visit my website My Monterey-based officiant is Rich Leggett and he's wonderful (and he doesn't sing!)

am258 said...

it looks so beautiful! i can't wait to go to your wedding :)