Friday, December 10, 2010

Our wedding day: Pre-ceremony

Our photographers left us after family pictures to capture our ceremony details, so the photos in this post were taken by my cousin Jason. He gave me a USB drive with over 400 photos of the weekend - it was a great gift!

After pictures were over James went to the front of the lighthouse and I stayed behind it. I was with my dad most of the time.

I love this shot of my beautiful bouquet

The plan had been for me to hide behind the lighthouse prior to the ceremony, so that no one saw the bride before she came down the aisle. That didn't really work out, though. As guests arrived they saw us taking pictures and said hi. Some friends came back to talk to me as I was waiting as well. It may not have made for the most climactic bridal entrance, but that's okay.

They're brothers now (my husband and my sister's husband)!

Best man, groom and officiant right before wedding time.

The rest of the bridal party before wedding time.

Jason got lots of shots of our guests before the ceremony started!
I love that I have these.

My brother and sister in law

My cousins

My sister and brother in law

My grandpa and cousin

My cousin's son

My grandma and aunt

My friends

 James' aunt, cousins, sister, niece and brother in law
(poor girls in their short skirts! I was perfect in my heavy dress but it was a little chilly)

James' friends

James' friends

My friends

You can see that it cleared up to be a beautiful day. It was foggy earlier when we were doing pictures on the beach (in fact, read my photographer's blog on shooting in the fog here, featuring us!), but right before the ceremony the sun came out and there was a rainbow framing our wedding! You can kind of see it in the picture above.

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Rebekah said...

I love the pictures! And, your flowers are seriously gorgeous. You did a wonderful job on everything!