Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our first Christmas cards

Last week I sent the free Christmas cards that I blogged about last month. We did have to pay for shipping them to us, then postage to send them to our family and friends... but it's still a pretty good deal! The 50 that I received for free was the perfect amount.

I went with this style and chose 4 black and white photos from our wedding day. I think they're pretty cute and have received several compliments on them!


Rebekah said...

These are great! You picked a great card and the pictures are beautiful!

Rose said...

i love them! you christmas card is above our fireplace :)

Teenage Bride said...

Hey there!!! First off you have the sweetest blog! I love these cards.My husband and I sent out photo cards from Shutterfly as well and everyone has loved them!!!

Yours turned out beautifully.

Tammynize said...

I heart these. I love ur blog. :)