Thursday, December 2, 2010

I have a confession to make...

I started decorating out house for Christmas in early November. I couldn't help it - I love Christmas so much!

I didn't put up the tree at that time, but I did put up a few details. Nothing extravagent but I like coming home to it every night!

This pinecone garland from Michael's is over the kitchen window (and the snowflakes are in the window that I'll show you later):

Love the lighted garland over the dining room window (I can't get a good picture but you can see it here at our Thanksgiving dinner):

I made this "happy holidays" banner over the arch in the living room:

And a few more itmes were out early, like this basket of scented pinecones in the bathroom:

Our tree didn't go up immediately, but it was there over a week before Thanksgiving. I know it's not a popular opinion, but I think you have to enjoy it for that 4-day weekend!

We don't have a fireplace so I hung our stockings behind the tree.

I put snowflakes in the windows (that I mentioned previously). Those are hard to get a good picture of! This is at night, with flash:

And without flash:

I also put mistletoe over 3 archways throughout the living area.

I was driving with my family in the country after wine tasting, and my dad commented on how much mistletoe there was in the trees. He probably regretted that, because we insisted that he pull over so that we could collect some! We spotted a cluster low enough and I ran out in the rain to get it... totally worth it because it's adorable!

And the last touch that just went up on Tuesday was these fresh wreaths (from Trader Joe's) in the living room!


brittany said...

I definitely decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving... so i'm not judging. everything looks fab! :)

Mike and Katrina @HA said...

We started before Thanksgiving :) Your tree looks so big from outside!

Rebekah said...

I love everything that you've done! We just got back from vacation and I'm hoping to get our decorations up this weekend! I cannot wait.

Rose said...

i love the wreaths! and it was ME not dad that mentioned the mistletoe! :)

Emily P. said...

great job with the christmas decor! thanks for following along!