Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wedding invitations are out!

Now that our guests have received their invitations (a few weeks ago actually), I’m excited to debut my creations to the blogging world. I seriously love how they turned out! After everything was put together, they looked even better than I imagined. I wish the pictures conveyed that better :(

I designed them all in PowerPoint. They were definitely a labor of love... each piece of cardstock was adhered to the one under it with double-sided tape. That's 50 invitations and 150 inserts, but it didn't seem that bad because we spread out the work whenever we had a free evening.

I had them printed at The Printman Design Workshop on Freeport Blvd. I originally went to FedEx Kinko's but they were kind of jerks so I just walked into Printman because I had driven by before. They were so nice and I love them!

Here’s the front of the invitation.

And that ribbon goes around the back to hold all the inserts.

We have three inserts – an RSVP card and envelope, a reception card and a card for the barbecue we’re having the day after the wedding.

And like our Save the Dates, I had to have an envelope liner for the inner envelope. Had to! I liked this paper because it looks like ocean waves, and we’re getting married right next to the ocean.

We’re also getting married next to a lighthouse, so I got this lighthouse stamp on eBay for the inner envelopes. The stamp will be used on our programs too.

I had to remind myself that nobody cares about stamps when the post office was out of lighthouse stamps for our RSVP envelopes. But seriously how perfect would that have been?!

Stupid love stamps!

Here’s the whole suite.

I hope our guests like them as much as I do!


Rebekah said...

Wow! I am so impressed. Everything looks fantastic. I loving looking at wedding invitations. You did a great job!

T.D. said...

It is all beautiful! I love them!