Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Moss letters

This wedding project was amazingly easy. I saw this blog post a few weeks ago and decided to try it myself. My inspirations were:

We have a couple of cute areas to hang these initials at our wedding reception so I read this tutorial and then decided to do it myself!

Supplies (all from Michaels):
1 styrofoam board - $5
Styrofoam glue - $5
2 bags of moss - $6 each
Floral pins (U-shaped) - $2
Cardboard - FREE
Small nails - FREE 

First I drew the letters onto the styrofoam board. It probably would have looked a lot better if I traced it from something but I just freehanded it!

I cut out the letters using a bread knife. And yes, I managed to break both of the letters pretty badly! This is when I started to doubt my DIY skills...

But I had faith in my styrofoam glue, so I glued the pieces together and let them set overnight. I also traced them onto a piece of cardboard because I didn't feel like the styrofoam alone was sturdy enough. So I glued the cardboard to the back of the letters. The next day they were ready to apply the moss.

Each letter took 3 separate pieces of moss. I applied glue to the front of the letter and layed the moss on it.

Flipping the letters over, I then stuck my floral pins into the sides of the letters (through the moss and into the styrofoam) to secure it.

For the moss that went over the back, I used the smaller nails to adhere it. The floral pins were much longer and would have stuck out the front, but the nails were just short enough to work.

I went along all the sides and put a nail or floral pin every inch or two, making sure that the moss was secure all the way around.

To hang them, I stuck the last 2 floral pins in the back at an angle, and they'll be hung up with ribbon.

Here they are! I like them a lot, and it was so easy! They're not as nice as the inspiration pictures as the top of this post, but they'll be hung by the bar... so... I think people will be happy anyway :)

The biggest mistake I made was doing this on my kitchen counter. I recommend doing it outside.


Rebekah said...

Please know, you just made my day with your comment! Thank you so much for sending me that website. I can't wait to look up farmer's markets in my area!

Rose said...


Newlywed Next Door said...

These are super cute!

And yes, I DO remember that song "walking in LA" -- I was singing it as we were walking down the mountain! :)

just another Belle said...

these came out great! love them! and they are just as good as the inspiration. if I was doing them that way I would definitely trace something. and maybe use thicker styrofoam so that you don't have to use cardboard?

I am thinking about doing these, too, but maybe with wooden letters and my glue gun so I don't have to worry about tracing or breaking anything.

great DIY project!

Ashley @ Decorating Obsessed said...

I love these!

kmridenour said...

These are wonderful, I want to do them too! Question for you... do they need to be done fairly close to the wedding date, so that they don't get brown? Or does the moss stay fresh for awhile? Also... do you have suggestions for where I can purchase the moss? Thanks!

Chardonnay said...

The moss that was recommended, and what I bought, is called "preserved moss," so it should last at least several months. I bought mine at Michael's, in the floral supplies section :)