Monday, July 5, 2010

Flying & the fourth

Yesterday, we got to fly in James' stepdad Bob's little plane. He's a pilot by trade and I'd been wanting to fly with him for a while. It was fun!

The plane was really small. Inside we had less room than in my car. And we had to wear these headsets that protected our ears from the noise. They have microphones that allow us to talk to each other easily.

We flew from Sacramento Executive airport, over the valley

and the delta, and east bay

and the San Francisco Bay... here's the Bay Bridge with SF in the distance

here's Alcatraz

AT&T Park

the city

Only a little bit of the Golden Gate Bridge could be seen above the fog.

We had planned to fly into Half Moon Bay and have lunch (How nice that cool weather would have been!), but it was too foggy to land there. The fog started right at the coastline - it was clear everywhere else. So instead we flew north over to Sausalito

and the Napa Valley

and back over the Sacramento Valley

There's our house (circled in the middle)!

And finally back to Executive Airport. The entire trip took only about an hour and a half. It was only 30 minutes to fly to San Francisco - a trip that would take 90 minutes driving.

After the flight we all went out to lunch.

Later in the evening James and I headed over to the Arden area to watch the fireworks show at Cal Expo. Since we were in the area, we decided to have dinner at a restaurant I've been wanting to try - Tex Wasabi's. It's a restaurant by Guy Fieri of the Food Network, that serves the ridiculous and ingenious combination of barbecue and sushi. Unfortunately, the food was just fine and the service wasn't that good. So it won't become a regular.

We watched the fireworks in from the movie theater on Ethan Way. Great view! But it took a good hour to get out through the traffic.

Today we went to the gym and I got a massage. Love those 3-day weekends :)

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Rose said...

omg i cant believe i didnt know about this!! that looks sooo cool!!! :)