Wednesday, July 1, 2009

my teeth

I went to my new dentist this morning to get a cleaning and was informed that I have my first cavity! I can’t believe it, I’ve always had perfect teeth. It’s really minor, but I might as well get it fixed now before it starts hurting (doesn’t that happen?). But other than that minor annoyance, my pearly whites are perfect :D

I need to see an oral surgeon soon to see about getting my wisdom teeth removed. It appears that I’ll need only the bottom ones out. However, taking the bottom ones out will sometimes affect the top ones and cause them to need removal as well. I really don’t like the idea of having that horrible surgery twice so I’ll have to see what the surgeon says :S I’ve never had any kind of surgery or been put under. I’m scared!

I really like my new dentist though. I’m glad too, because if she turned out to be a D-bag I wouldn’t go back (like my doctor… she rubbed the wrong way so I’m switching!). Then I’d have to be on the hunt for a dentist and that’s never fun. Thanks Dr. Whiteman!

Sorry if you found this post boring. I was in a bloggy mood but this was the most interesting thing I had to say today. Good posts coming soon!

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