Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Dentist day

Today I had my first cavity filled. It actually wasn't too bad, although I didn't enjoy the sound of the drill. My mouth is still numb and it feels weird. I love my dentist and her assistant - they're so sweet.

I had an interesting conversation with the dentist's receptionist about 3 hours before my appointment.

::My cell phone starts ringing and I see that it’s the dentist. Before I can answer they hang up::

::Receptionist calls my office phone and I answer::

Me: This is Chardonnay (that’s how I answer at work)

Receptionist: Hi this is girl from Dr. Dentist’s office. We have an appointment with you at 4 but I was wondering if you could come in at 3?

Me: Do I have to?

Receptionist: No, we just had a cancellation and wanted to see if we could get it done earlier.

Me: Well I’m at work all day so I’d rather do it at 4.

Receptionist: Okay.

Kind of annoying that they tried to change my appointment just so they could leave work early! Maybe if I had nothing better to do I’d be happy to change it, but since you’re calling my work phone, you should recognize that I’m busy at work. Sheesh.

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