Sunday, July 19, 2009

The day I got a new wine stopper

Tonight, I decided to open the bottle of delicious Boitano almond sparkling wine I purchased several weeks ago while wine tasting with friends.

Oh darn, I forgot to blog about that day! It was so fun. We went to Vino Piazza in Lodi. Although some of the wineries charged you $5 to taste, it was really nice to have several wineries all in one place. We had a ton of fun and I ended up purchasing a bottle of sparkling almond from Boitano and sparkling raspberry from Woodbridge. I was really into sparkling wine that day :)

Picture borrowed from Jessica's Facebook page

Anywho, so I opened my sparkling almond tonight. It was just as good as I remembered (from the tasting), but the cork was HUGE! There was no way we could fit it back in the bottle (James tried too), and I wasn't going to drink the whole bottle in one night.

So after critically thinking about this problem for a few minutes, I decided that I needed to go to Target and purchase a wine stopper. I really should have one by now, but I didn't :( Luckily, Target is just a few blocks away so I drove down (I'd only had a few sips) and bought a cute but intricate wine stopper/combination pourer for $5. Yay, I'll never have this problem again!

So I got home and put the stopper in the bottle. Then I put it in the fridge lying down, and it leaked. Boo! So I played with it a little more and finally got it "air tight."

"Look honey," I showed James, "I got it air tight!"

Then I flipped it over upside down to show just how well my new wine stopper worked.



The stupid thing gave out and I poured freaking wine all over the floor!! And all over our new bookcase!! And James' physical therapy books!!

Gah! What the hell! Okay, maybe I shouldn't hold open wine bottles upside down, but come on!

That's my Sunday night for ya. I just enjoyed Kendra on E! and am now watching Denise Richards: It's Complicated. I hope you had a great weekend!

Disclaimer: This post was written after a few glasses of the aforementioned wine. Hopefully that just made it better :)


Lady Jane said...

Seriously that one sucked!!! Tell me all the wine is not lost?!

Chardonnay said...

Not all of it was lost, but probably 2 glasses worth. So, so sad

Amber said...

Oh no! It shouldn't have leaked like that. That sucks you lost some of your special wine!