Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Today I did something very indulgent and wasteful. I’ve never done it before: I went to Harv’s Car Wash and paid them to wash my car inside and out. Everyone in my life (parents, boyfriend) has always told me that it’s silly to pay someone to do this for you, when you can easily do it yourself for free. I feel kind of bad about spending $20 on this but I had a coupon and the regular price was $30. And honestly, I hadn’t vacuumed my car in such a long time and probably was never going to! I vow to make this a once in a blue moon habit and not do it again any time soon!

This is my 95th post. I’m creeping up on 100, and since about 80 I’ve been trying to think of something really unique and exciting to do for my 100th post but I just can’t think of anything creative. Any ideas??


The Consummate Hostess said...

Cute blog! I love the goals to be accomplished before 30!

Miranda said...

Hi!! Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your question wasn't snarky at all. It's okay to drink while breastfeeding as long as you're okay to drive. So, since it was about 9:00 when I had my glass of Sauv. Blanc and I knew I wouldn't be feeding Joshua until after midnight, the glass was okay!

Since you seem to be a wine lover like me, you should do a giveaway for a nice bottle of your favorite inexpensive bottle for your 100th post. I think you can do a random drawing through a website of all those that enter, and if you listed it on SiTS Sunday Giveaway listings, you'd probably get TONS of traffic to your blog! Just a thought!

Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Sure, there's a lot of things we can do ourselves. However, every now and then, it's nice to have someone else do some things! I learned long ago that trying to please everyone else's ideas of what I was supposed to do to be a good, hard=working person put unrealistic expectations on me. I'm not a Super=Mom, let me clean the whole world kind of person. Cleaning takes me 10 x longer than those people, and I don't like it when they look down their noses and judge my inability to keep things straight as well as they do.

Enjoy! Lose the guilt. Save it for the real stuff:)Do I sound like I need a cup of coffee? Have a great day!

Rose said...

i just realized how disappointed i get when i go to your blog and you haven't posted anything new!