Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Martha recipes update

Remember when I was excited about trying these Martha Stewart recipes to freeze and re-cook? So far I’ve tried the Mediterranean Tuna Noodle Casserole (sorry Mom! I can see you gagging as you read this), Spinach Pie and the Broccoli Calzones.

The tuna casserole was disappointing. Very bland. I don’t know why I made it anyway – tuna casserole just sounds gross. I guess I wanted to try something new.

The spinach pie was bad too. I keep trying to make things like this, thinking they’ll be different, but they’re never as delicious as I hoped. I’m done making things that are primarily spinach.

Martha, you have failed me!

The broccoli calzones were pretty good. Not amazing, but I will most likely be making them again.

Even though the first few recipes were duds, I’m still planning to make the Vegetable Enchiladas, Lasagna Primavera and Chicken Tetrazzini. They sound good. Hopefully I get around to making one or two of those tonight.

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