Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chardonnay's favorite things

Oprah gets her favorite things, so why not me? I'm going to share some of my favorite products that make my life easier, more enjoyable or all-around happier.

I now present Chardonnay's favorite things!

The Laughing Cow Cheese Wedges

Only 35 calories per wedge and yum! I use it instead of cream cheese on toast or put it on crackers. I've tried it on apples but was not a fan. It comes in original swiss, french onion and garlic & herb. Original is my favorite.

Ban Deodorant

I will never, ever use another deodorant brand. Ban makes me smell so freaking delicious. I use the orange one. Always.

Frozen Fruit

This isn't a specific brand but they're still one of my fave things. We eat frozen berries a lot lately as a snack. Fresh fruit is good too, but sometimes frozen is just a lot easier because they don't go bad. Plus it feels more like dessert when it's frozen. I love raspberries and blueberries. And peaches. James likes strawberries.

Colgate Max Fresh With Mini Breath Strips

Other toothpastes just don't cut it anymore now that I use Max Fresh with mini breath strips. It tastes the best and makes my teeth feel extra clean. It's a gel instead of a paste.

My Plaid Bermuda Shorts

I found these shorts at Ross for something like $13 and they're now my favorite item of clothing. So comfortable and I can wear them to a restaurant with heels, to a baseball game with flip flops or while doing chores. I even wore them to work on casual Friday with heels and a nice shirt. I never thought I'd be wearing plaid shorts but these things are awesome! I need to buy more (but not in plaid... I can only own so much of that).

Cloth Grocery Bags

Unloading groceries is so much easier with cloth bags. They hold more stuff without breaking and have nice handles you can put over your shoulder. And of course I love that they're environmentally friendly by not wasting plastic bags. But even if I didn't care about that, they're just better. I keep them in my car and grab them on my way into the store.

These are all my favorite things I can think of for now. I just might make this a recurring blog segment when I can find more favorite things.

I'm not being compensated for these reviews, but if anyone were to offer I'd likely accept ;) Send your free toothpaste and cheese my way!

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Lady Jane said...

I love laughing cow cheese...its brilliant!! BTW...I am totally going to try that Deodorant...I don't like mine. Thanks. Oh yeah...I hope you keep doing this:)