Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Who am I?!

Looking at the title of this post, you probably thought it was going to be really deep and meaningful about my innermost thoughts. Nope, sorry. I chose that title because it’s about me doing something that I’ve always hated and was my last choice of exercise – running.

Last Monday James and I went for a walk and somehow turned it into a run. I just wanted to try it, I guess. And it was kind of fun (but hard). The next night I got home and he was really excited about doing it again. He’d planned out a route and everything so we went running two days in a row (man, were my legs sore).

We took the rest of the week off but last night we went running again and it was fun and a lot easier than last week. I didn’t even complain like before!

We’ve agreed to make it a once-a-week thing. We’re going to run every Monday evening. That, combined with kickboxing twice a week should give me a good routine to stick with. It’s hard to make yourself run, but having James as my running buddy helps a lot.

Seriously, who is this running girl?! Running is not a Chardonnay thing!

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