Saturday, February 13, 2010

Save the Dates

We sent our Save the Dates last week, and now that they’ve been received I can blog about them (wouldn’t want to ruin the surprise)!

I loved the string of lights on these, even though they don’t match our blue & green color scheme for the wedding. I don’t think it matters!

Here’s the image from the site where I designed them (private info concealed to deter stalkers):

And here they are as received!

I was a little disappointed because I felt like the text is too small. I used the sizes they had on the sample card, and even enlarged them a bit, but I still wish it was bigger. I've since gotten over it.

However, I got these cards for a steal! They are from, a company that offers some great deals. If you sign up for an account with them and opt to receive email offers, they’ll email you frequently with offers of free products – you just have to pay shipping.

These emails can be annoying if you don’t want the offers, but if you’re looking for free Save the Dates it’s worth it!

In December I finally got the email I had been waiting for – offering the cards I had already designed for free! You can get 10 free per email address, so I ordered 10 each with my two personal email accounts, and one work email account.

Then at checkout, they gave me the opportunity to add an additional 10 to the order of 10 for $7, with free shipping. I opted for that option with two of the orders, for a total of 50 Save the Dates.

30 free cards… shipping = $12
20 upgrade cards = $14

Total cost for 50 Save the Dates = $26

I also decided to do envelope liners for these - I know it's totally silly and something only I actually care about. But look how cute!!

Instructions for envelope liners can be found here. This absolutely perfect paper is from the local store Pulp Papery. I just wandered in one day hoping to find yellow paper with white polka dots and it was a success!


Lauren said...

so pretty!

just another Belle said...

love these! we're thinking about using them too for our invites...