Friday, May 21, 2010

I didn't forget

I haven't been blogging about my 100 goals to accomplish before my 30th birthday lately. Well, that's because I haven't been doing any! But it's not forgotten and it will be completed in the next six years :) In the next several months I plan to check off the following:

6. Visit Ireland

9. Visit Italy

10. Visit Greece

(details on these plans here)

13. Marry James

14. Host a fun, unique wedding

15. Go on a vacation with my sister(s)
(see goals 6, 9 & 10)

40. Fly in a hot air balloon

(this is one thing I'm making sure we do on our honeymoon!)

46. Watch every episode of LOST

(will be completed with the finale on Sunday)

48. Do crafts
(after all these wedding projects [flowers, chalkboards, signs, plus invitations, programs, favors and more coming up], I think this goal can be checked off)

66. Swim in a pool

(at this all-inclusive in Santorini!)

74. Celebrate with James when he passes the PTA exam

89. Visit New York City

(I have a layover there on my way back from Europe, but that doesn't count. I just wanted to add it to the list!)

95. Meet James' extended family
(Thanks to Facebook, I've communicated with several, but will actually get to meet them at our wedding)

And longer term, in the next year I hope/plan to do these as well:

1. Buy a home

2. Paint the interior of our house something other than white

3. Update our home to fit our personality

19. Get back to my weight in high school, and stay there

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