Friday, February 5, 2010

Booked: Rental house

We booked the house we’re staying in for the week of our wedding and honeymoon! I didn't think we'd need to this soon, but we found the perfect place and it's already booked through July. The price is killing me, although it's actually less than the nice hotels in the area.

Because I’m using a lot of vacation time for my trip to Europe, and because at the time of our wedding James will be fairly new at his job (he's graduating in May), we’re not going to take a big honeymoon right away. We’ve decided to just stay in Santa Cruz and relax – lie on the beach and keep it very low-key.

We booked a great house just a few blocks from the beach and a few miles down the road from our ceremony location. It’s nice and big, which will be really convenient when preparing flowers the day before, and getting ready on the day of.

We’ve always stayed at hotels before and I’m excited to have lots of room for our stuff and a whole kitchen so that we can eat real food without going out for every meal. We're also tentatively planning to have our rehearsal dinner and/or barbecue the day after the wedding at this house.

We’re going to be staying at this rental house for a week – the Wednesday before the wedding through the Wednesday after.

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John Kaay said...

looks great, Chardonnay. I love Santa Cruz. Id live there except its too far from the grandsons!