Sunday, April 11, 2010

Handmade signs

I'd like to present my handmade, completely DIY, totally cute and helpful signs!

I did the first one with this script font (Freebooter dowloaded for free from, but then thought it would be too hard to read. So I did the others in Fontleroy Brown, also free from

This one with our initials is my favorite!

Thank you Dad for cutting me pieces of wood for these signs! I painted them white and then tried freehanding the words... not pretty! It was much harder than I expected.

So instead, I found fonts I liked online and printed them very large - the sizes I wanted them to be on the signs. Then I put the paper over the wood and traced the border of each letter with permanent marker so that it bled though onto the sign.

Originally I was going to fill in the words with paint, but then I realized that I could do a much better job filling it in with sharpies.

Three will go near our wedding ceremony location and three will direct people to our reception location. We'll probably stake them into the ground, but that's not completely decided yet. I'm thrilled with how these turned out!

Wood = Free
Paint = $12
Markers = $2


T.D. said...

They look great!!

MCW said...

These are adorable and look so professional! Great work...

Michelle said...

You did an awesome job! I would never of guessed that you used a sharpie!

SweetPea said...

They look amazing!!! Seriously look professional. Way to go. :)

just another Belle said...

love them! I haven't started my signs but it's one of the projects I'm most looking forward to! you did an awesome job!

Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

They look great! Thanks for linking up!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Very nice!