Saturday, May 1, 2010

Ring shopping success!

Ring shopping went well today - we each found a wedding ring we loved. James got to take his home, but mine's being sized and will be ready next weekend. Here's his

It's tungsten, which is pretty much impossible to scratch. That's why he liked it. I love it. Doesn't it look great on him?

Of course I ended up with the complete opposite of what
I thought it wanted! Mine looks like this

I can't wait to wear it with my engagement ring - it looks beautiful! I'll take real pics and share them as soon as I can, of course!

We also went to the mall and and picked up a new shirt and tie for James (for an upcoming interview!). I went into Icing to see if I could find some new nose studs. I did, and also saw this clutch for only $5.

I admit that the big ball thingies are kind of ridiculous (that's what she said), but other than that I think it's cute! I like to bring clutches when I go out to dinner and bars. It will get lots of use.


Victoria said...

Excellent use of The Office humor.

Rose said...

Is James wearing only one shoe in that picture? Love the stuff!!

Chelsea said...

Cute clutch!

Jess said...

I too enjoyed the office humor. You and James picked the EXACT wedding bands that my FI and I chose from Shane Co. You have good taste!! :)

chocoholic said...

I love your wedding band! I'm looking for something similar.