Saturday, May 8, 2010

Wedding band & flower girl basket

We picked up my wedding band this morning. Look how pretty!

Afterwards we went to my favorite secondhand store, Deseret Industries on Auburn Boulevard. I always find the coolest stuff there! I was hoping to find a flower girl basket, but didn't really have anything in mind. This is what I found for only $1!

I put on some ribbon that I already had and voila! Adorable basket for an adorable girl.

We also went to Off Broadway, where I got these

and these

Tonight we're going to a friend's house for tacos. I made guacamole and it's delish!


Rose said...

After seeing that pic on fb I was checking you blog every minute or so :) This post is even better than I expected!!!

1. The wedding bands couldn't be any more perfect, so pretty!!!
2. I LOVE that flower girl basket and the bows are SO cute! You are so crafty!
3. LOVE the flats! I totally wanted to buy some like that the other day!
4. Nice shoes too :) Are those good/stylish walking shoes for exploring Europe?!?

Rose said...


5. Taco night sounds fun and that guac sounds delish!! :)

Rebekah said...

Your wedding band is gorgeous! So pretty. I'm also loving the flower girl basket. Very cute.

am258 said...

Beautiful rings :)

and cuuute black flats!!! I wanna get some!