Saturday, February 6, 2010


Last night James and I went to see the Broadway tour RENT at the Sacramento Community Center Theatre. It was good. I love shows like this because the actors' ability to simultaneously sing, dance and act is completely amazing.

I'll admit that this wasn't my favorite though. Last year I saw STOMP and The Lion King, and I liked both of those more than RENT.

My favorite song was their famous Seasons of Love.

Before the show we went to dinner at Il Foranaio. The food and service was good. My one complaint was that we ordered bruschetta and they gave us something else. I saw it and thought "Hmmm that's not like any bruschetta I've ever seen, but maybe they make it differently here (silly me)." Then when we got the bill we saw that we definitely didn't get what we ordered! It was still good though (although a few dollars more than what we actually ordered), as was the Pizza Fradiavola we shared. Not a favorite but a nice dinner.

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