Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Weight Watchers

I've been keeping a secret from you, blogland! I joined Weight Watchers. I really need to loose weight for health and vanity reasons, and this accountability is needed! I've been on it for a month now.

I had been counting calories for a long time but honestly it's hard to make myself stick to the goal! And even if one day I stuck to the calorie goal, the next day I would have a few glasses of wine and/or pieces of lasagna and reverse all the hard work I did earlier. It just wasn't working long-term.

I'm doing the WW online program, which allows me a certain number of points each day. In addition, I get even more extra points to use throughout the week. I can use them in a small amount each day, or lots in one day if I'm going out or something. I keep track of everything I eat online, which is easy most of the time. I haven't been too busy yet.

The one thing I hate about the program is that a cup of fat free milk is 2 points, while a can of diet pepsi is 0. I'm a huge milk drinker - as in every meal - and I rarely drink soda. I know that milk is better for me, so it's frustrating that I have to use up my points on it! I can't go without! A 1/2 cup of wine is also 2 points.

I signed up on January 15 and in this first month I lost 10 pounds. Ultimately, I'd love to loose a total of 30. Yikes, I really hate that I need to loose that much!


Stefanie K. said...

Good luck, and congrats!! I started weight watchers online about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and will weigh myself tomorrow...and will be right around 8 pounds lost so far (I expect/suspect). It is SUCH a greeeeat program!! Just know that it is always better to use those points for the things that are good for you (the milk over the diet pepsi). Keep up the good work!! :)

Stefanie K. said...

p.s. I'm at about 8 pounds lost, and hope to lose about 30 MORE. I hear ya. It's a hard journey. But you're not alone!!

am258 said...

awesome chica!!!

ive been thinking about joining myself--im getting secretary butt from my job haha