Friday, June 5, 2009

Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster

I've finally started reading books! It's been a really bad habit of mine, like forever, to watch way too much TV. Whenever I'm bored I have the TV on and I never think to pick up a book. I feel lame whenever people talk about their favorite authors and I really have nothing to contribute, because I never read. That's why I put reading on my list of 100 goals to accomplish before my 30th birthday.

I just (well, a few weeks ago. I forgot to blog it though) finished Such a Pretty Fat*. Several of the women in my office had read it and loved it, and they assured me that with my sense of humor I'd love it as well. It's a memoir about Jen's attempt to loose weight to improve her health. It's really funny and I did enjoy it. It's totally a chick book.

I have several books on queue that my mom's recommended and snuck onto my nightstand when she came to visit. She always hides food in my fridge and books and magazines in my bedroom when she comes to visit. Hopefully my next book "review" will be soon!

*Blogger doesn't let me underline words that aren't links. This is bothering me because the correct way to write a book title is to underline it, not italicize.


Lady Jane said...

I love books, so I love hearing about books that others have read. Looking forward to More!

Rose said...

i've been reading too! and have already finished two books this summer. we should start a sister book club! i highly recommend nicholas sparks. i already read a walk to remember, message in a bottle, and am currently working on a bend in the road.