Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 23rd birthday

My 23rd birthday was yesterday. Monday I had dinner at Tapa the World with both of my beautiful sisters. The food was not good, nor was the service. But Yogurt A Go-Go afterward was. Tuesday I went to my favorite, Chicago Fire, with Rose. And James got me a Wii (!) and vase of tulips.

In my 22nd year, I moved to the neighborhood I've always wanted to live in. I moved in with James, the best guy I could ever ask for. I started my career in the industry I always dreamed of working in. I was promoted twice.

It was a great year. I hope every year gets better.


Lady Jane said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! And that does sound like one awesome birthday!!!!

Rose said...

i'm glad you had a good birthday, i had so much fun!! :)

Mom and Dad said...

I'm glad you celebrated with fun birthday events. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend. Love from Mom and Dad.