Sunday, January 2, 2011

Goal #80: Take a zumba class at the gym

On New Years Eve I took advantage of my chance to take a daytime class at the gym and tried zumba for the first time!

It was fun and much harder than I expected. I thought it's just a bit of dancing... piece of cake! So I got there early and did a bit of cardio and weights before even starting the class. I was tired 15 minutes in!

It was fun though. I felt a little stupid doing all the salsa and merengue moves, but I just had to get over it and shake my ass the best I could... it's the only way you'll learn right?

I might take this class again, but I still love my kickboxing more.

Speaking of New Years Eve, that evening we headed to our friends' house for a little party. We ate good food, drank yummy champagne, played games and kissed at midnight. Happy 2011!

See my list of 100 goals to accomplish by my 30th birthday here.

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Anonymous said...

i was hoping to see the video action of your zumba group!