Sunday, January 23, 2011

Open house

This afternoon we went to our very first open house! We aren't planning to buy for a few months but in all honesty I've been looking online for over a year [maybe two].

Recently I convinced James to drive around with me one Saturday and look at the neighborhoods and houses we thought we'd like to live in. And last weekend, I suggested that we start going to open houses. Just to get more of an idea of what we can get within our budget. I was pleasantly surprised that he thought it was a great idea! Woo hoo!

So today we went to a house and weren't too impressed. I think it's a little overpriced for how outdated it is. We'd have to replace all the flooring [half yucky carpet, half yucky linoleum].

We prefer one story but are open to two [which this house is].

The dining room and living room below are one combined room.

There's a second family room downstairs, which James liked.
I'd rather have one larger room.

I liked the size of the backyard.

Overall this house is fine, but we think we can find a better fit. It just wasn't completely us. We loved being able to check it out and we'll definitely be going to lots more open houses in the coming months!


Rebekah said...

How fun about an open house! Even if it wasn't what you're looking for. Ok, I have a question. In a bunch of houses out here in CA, I've seen that white tile in the kitchen for the counters and whatnot, and I've never seen that before. Is this a common thing?

Rose said...

That sounds so exciting and fun!

Teenage Bride said...

I loved house hunting!!!! Thie fireplace is great and I LOVE the backyard!!!

Mike and Katrina @HA said...

We did that too! And I totally looked online for like 2 years as well :)

Holly said...

That house is pretty cute, but I hope you find something more suitable. :)

kendall k. said...

Oh I loved going to all the open houses! Great time to buy :) enjoy the process.

Amber said...

Househunting can be such an exciting, but overwhelming experience. I think it's all about knowing the areas you can sacrifice your wants and knowing the areas that you have to stand firm. It's such a huge investment so be sure you're getting something you love!

Nicole-Lynn said...

House hunting can be fun, but I can definitely say it's overwhelming and stressful at times. We looked at so many houses and put about 6 offers on some houses before deciding to wait on a short sale we had our eye on from the beginning. We're closing on it on Tues.!!! and move in the end of this month... once you find your house you'll know! Happy hunting! :)