Saturday, January 8, 2011

Our wedding day: The reception (Part 1)

When we arrived at the reception, we entered a side room and waited for a while so that we could come in "fashionably late." Some strangers cheered for us as they were eating... it was sweet!

We waited in the side dining room for a really long time - James was actually getting really restless and wondering what was taking so long. The coordinator was supposed to tell us when to come in, and I assured him that she did not forget about us! But seriously, we waited forever (more on that later).

While we were getting some alone time, our photographers were snapping pictures of our guests, who were enjoying their appetizers and beverages.

We were finally introduced and had our first dance, which was to "Somewhere Over the Rainbow," performed live by our guitarist. It was beautiful!

James is not a dancer. I had to convince him for a long time before he agreed to even do a first dance, but he says he's now glad we did it! Some of my favorite photos of the whole day are from these few minutes.

To be continued...


Rebekah said...

What a beautiful reception! I agree, I love your first dance photos! What a sweet moment.

Tiffany said...

So fun! Gorgeous pictures!! It looks like an amazing evening.

Teenage Bride said...

how lovely!!! First dance photos have always been my favorites! the two of you look so in love.

Happy marriage!!!

(following by the way )