Friday, November 12, 2010


It's time to plan Thanksgiving! This is the second year James and I are hosting at our home (hopefully the last year we are hosting in such a small house). I'm so happy to be the new Thanksgiving cook - I love planning get-togethers and having people over! My menu includes:

Turkey (hopefully it turns out as delicious as last year)

Cranberry sauce (from a can)

(I'll hope that my turkey comes with a packet again - loved that!)

Sweet potatoes (a combination of this recipe & this recipe)

Like last year, my mom will bring several pies

and my mother-in-law will bring lumpia!

My parents are going to be in town for the whole weekend, and we're even planning to go wine tasting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, so I'm really excited!


Rebekah said...

Thast's so awesome that you're hosting! I pray I don't have to host any time soon. Which I won't! Just thinking about the possibility of hosting Thanksgiving, gives me an ulcer. Ha!

Rose said...

this made me so hungry!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR THANKSGIVING, your food is good to be fab!

Katie K. said...

I would love to be eating Thanksgiving dinner at your house, it sounds so yummy!