Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween/wedding weekend

This weekend was spent in Fresno for the wedding of James' friend John. Remind me to never pin my bangs back again, mmmkay?
I forgot to bring my flat iron so this was my only option :(

John and Ana are two of the nicest people we know, we're so happy for them! James was actually a groomsman.

The ceremony was my first ever Catholic mass,
and definitely different than what I'm used to.

The reception was at a beautiful golf club.

We stayed Saturday night in Fresno and came home Sunday afternoon.

I bought extra Halloween candy this year since we always run out... we have SO MUCH left over! I don't know where all the trick or treaters were.

Tangent: As I type this, the Giants just won the World Series about 30 minutes ago. James is the biggest Giants fan I've ever known,and I took the most hilarious video of him screaming so much that he lost his voice. I think he's too embarrassed to let me post it though ;)

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