Thursday, September 9, 2010

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue

Something old:
The strapless bra I'm wearing under my dress (no image necessary)

Something new:
Almost everything... my earrings, my dress, my bracelet, my shoes

Yes, I'm wearing flip flops at my wedding! They are soooo comfy.... and I refuse to have sore feet on this day. Also, James is only one inch taller than me so that makes a difference too!

Something borrowed:
I made a hair flower for the reception with a silk anemone.
The flower isn't borrowed, but the clip I attach it to will be
(mine's cuter than the one pictured)

Something blue:
"Just Married" undies, a bridal shower gift from my maid of honor

They don't actually look like these, but I don't think I need to show the whole Internet my real underpants :)

Our wedding is in 9 days, people! predicts 74 and partly sunny. predicts 67 and SHOWERS!
That is a big difference! Please cross your fingers for sun!


Rebekah said...

How fun! I'll be praying for sun!

My parents lived in CA for a year, almost 2 years ago. They were in San Jose. We've been to SF, so we're going to be in Sacramento most of Saturday but Friday when she flies in, we're going straight to Napa! I haven't been yet so I'm excited!

MCW said...
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MCW said...

GO Accuweather!

(had to erase the last comment because I wrote So. ha)

am258 said...

sunshiney weather is on my mind for this weekend :)

im so excited and i cant wait to party it up at the reception :)

<3 you guys!!

Jenny DB said...

So by now you are married. Congratulations!!!! Just found your blog. Thanks for that link to accuweather never tried it before but about to now, we're throwing a big party for my mom's 50th on Fri night and I'm crossing my fingers for NO RAIN (up here in seattle, that's like .. umm, a miracle!)