Thursday, September 30, 2010

Three days before our wedding

We won't have professional pictures back for a while, so I'll recap the days leading up to and following the big day. I posted that we were leaving for Santa Cruz on the Wednesday before our wedding.

We arrived at about 4 p.m. and checked into our rental house. It was even better than I expected! So perfect for this week. Lots of room for our rehearsal dinner and BBQ the day after the wedding.

Living/dining room




... and hot tub!

Extra bedroom #1

Extra bedroom #2, AKA bridal dressing room

Bathroom #1

Master bedroom

In a nutshell, this house was way bigger and better than our actual house. As it should be, since one week there cost almost twice our monthly rent!

We also found that the owners of the house (who we've never met) left us a wedding card and bottle of champagne! So nice!! I totally love them. Click here to find out how to rent it.

After we unpacked, we had sushi delivered for dinner, then went for a walk along the ocean - just about 2 blocks from our house.

We went down to a small beach,

and watched the sunset on our way back.

Then we went back to our house and relaxed in the hot tub. Honestly, one of the best days ever!


Rebekah said...

Wow, that house looks awesome!

MCW said...

What a great way to start your wedding weekend!