Monday, September 27, 2010

Apple Hill

My grandparents live in Texas but have been in California for the past few weeks because of our wedding. They've been RVing around the state and this weekend they were in our neighborhood!

On Friday night James and I joined Grandma and Grandpa for dinner at Formoli's.

Saturday my sisters joined too, for an afternoon in Apple Hill. We had a picnic at Boa Vista Orchards, where I picked up a bottle of apple wine. It's good - to me it tastes like a very sweet chardonnay [a good description of me too, don't you think?]

We also walked around High Hill Ranch. Isn't this picture of Rose and Grandpa the cutest?!

It's so pretty in the foothills!

Sunday I should have unpacked from the wedding... but didn't. I did get a majority of my wedding thank you notes done though! I think a small blister is forming on my thumb!

For dinner last night we went to The Melting Pot, a fondue restaurant I've been wanting to try forever but is way too expensive for a normal date. But our one week anniversary was the perfect excuse! Everyone raves about it, but we didn't love it. I'd say it's overpriced and overrated... a fun experience though.

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Rebekah said...

I've heard Apple Hill is fun! I like the Melting Pot, but only for dessert and drinks. Other than that, I agree with you that it's overpriced and overrated.